The Unsung Heroes


They are the women who changed their life

To become an outback bushman's wife


Some come from the city

And a profession may have had

May have been a secretary

Or a model good or bad


They cook wash and teach the children

All through the day they toil

May even drive a tractor

To work any kind of soil


A neighbour may be one hundred miles away

To her that is no worry

She is too busy baking bread

Or making a stew with curry


Their first shelter may be called a shack

But that is the starting point

Of the battlers of the great outback

But as the family grew

Tradesman came and built a dwelling new


Their mail comes once a month

By the packhorse mailman at the station gate

But flooded creeks and duststorms often makes his arrival late


She has a dark girl for a companion

From the camp below the homestead on the creek

The only soul she would know

If help she had to seek


The pedal radio the way they communicate

If a child is sick or an accident

The royal flying doctor will arrive

Or give some orders which she has to undertake


The years go by as time does fly

Her children who she taught upon a stool

Have come of age that they are sent

To some city boarding school


The roving padre sometimes makes a call

Which brings much joy to them all

Being the outback man of god

Many a lonely path he has trod


They seldom take a holiday

Their tasks do not permit

From dawn to dusk its just the same

But to them it matters not a bit


Their husbands would be away for days

To a muster far out on the run

She has become the overseer

To see all the tasks are done


Now you may think their life is strange

To those who live by the sea

It is their choice to live that way

The friends and hardships to them so dear


If you think these lines

Are a little hard to bear

Take a tip and read the book

In the middle of nowhere


Eric Munro Glen



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