summertime is here again

Farmers will be watching the sky for rain

Holiday times have begun

Families will be having lots of fun

All roads lead to the coast

National parks increasing numbers can boast

The yuletide season is in full swing

People with their presents will bring

Santa is in full array

Makes no difference night or day

New year follows christmas week

Revellers dance cheek to cheek

Spiders and reptiles can be found

When walking keep your eyes on the ground

Football no longer will be on screen

Cricket will be played on the village green

Bowlers will send down many an over

Batsmen will the willow wield

For that magic one two zero

The days are long the nights are short

But that is natures way

Use plenty of sunscreen

To prevent the suns strong ray

If your health is good you stand tall

Happy new year to you all


Eric Munro Glen


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