The Swaggie


He is an australian icon

Called a hobo in the USA

We don't know his past history

No doubt he has seen a better day


He may have been a secretary

Or worked for a company that went broke

His job was terminated with a pen

With just one stroke


His working life was in the city

The only one he knew

But decided to carry his swag

To try something new


His swag is all he owns

Carried on his back

A battered billy in his hand

From constant use is very black


His companion may be a dog

Who follows at his heels

He is not afraid of an attack

So secure he feels


The passing traffic rushes by

No one gives a thought to stop

Except an odd one now and again

Who could be the local cop


His home is the broad horizons

As he makes his way out west

At night his view of the southern cross

Would be one of the best


He may call at a station homestead

The lady may shut the door

But that does not worry him

It happened many times before


He may take a little job

Cutting wood or chipping weeds

The pay may not be generous

But helps him with his needs


Now you may think he is a bludger

His time spent on the track

He is no fool this lonely tramp

As he has seen a lot of the outback


Eric Munro Glen


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