The Rodeo


A rodeo has come to town

Cowboys and cowgirls will be on show

No shortage of competitors

Willing to have a go


The bucking broncs and bulls

Are supplied by men who know the game

Although it is a full time event

They never buck the same


Eight seconds is the time allowed

For a cowboy to score points

But many a rider would have hit the dirt

Some may have broken joints


The barrel race and steer decorating

Are the cowgirls main event

People who witness these events

Marvel at the pace they went


The clowns who are dressed so colourful

Are experts at the sport

They save the fallen riders

From the bulls and horses before they are caught


There is always a special bull

For a feature ride

The rider who draws the bull

His actions are not hard to hide


Now the riders follow the circuit

They travel far and wide

From north to south

And west of the great divide


Their home is a caravan

Or a built up ute

They are easily recognized

Some look so cute


Their clothes are very colorful

Of jeans and fancy shirts

The gear they call the chaps

Saves them when they hit the dirt


The rodeo is over for another year

And the winners have got their pay

They hit the road again

To do the same another day


Eric Munro Glen


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